faqF&B Related Issues

Is Mark’s Food Solutions able to solve my F&B related issues?

Fill up our enquiry form here with the necessary details. This gives us a better understanding of your business so we can propose the most suitable solution.

faqProducts From MFS

What type of products are available at Mark’s Food Solutions?

We specialise in manufacturing soups, premixes, sauces and pastes for F&B operations. We have a selection of delectable standard products to choose from here. We are also able to OEM your own recipes as well as develop new recipes.


How safe are my recipes if I go for OEM?

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to secure the privacy of your recipe. If you do not have any NDA ready, download our template HERE and replace the top with your company letterhead. Once both parties have signed the NDA, we are good to go.

Does Mark’s Food Solutions provide additional testing services?

We are able to conduct various tests such as shelf life study and nutritional value test however this is only upon request from the client. Additional charges will be subjected.

faqHalal Certification

Will my products have all the safety standards (HALAL/HACCP/GMP) certified?

Yes. The halal application for OEM/Custom products has a lead time of 2-3 months. Once that is complete, all products manufactured by MFS will be HALAL/HACCP/GMP certified.

How long does it take to utilise Mark’s Food Solutions services?

Our standard products are readily available once you have established an account with us through HERE. Custom and OEM products would take significantly longer ranging from 2-3 months depending on the Halal status and recipe complexity.


How will the logistics and delivery be handled?

We have cold trucks that deliver throughout Klang Valley on Monday-Saturday. For outside of Klang Valley, we outsource third-party cold chain logistics to deliver the goods. Third-party logistic charges will be subjected. 

Does Mark’s Food Solutions have exporting services?

We currently export our products to Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong using our partnered forwarders. For any other overseas locations, we are able to explore and discuss further in detail.


What is the packing size and types of packaging used by Mark’s Food Solutions?

Our standard packing size for our products will be in 1kg softpack using Nylon material. Carton configuration will be in 12 packs per carton. Orders to be made in carton basis.

faqexisting customer

I am an existing customer. How do I find the instructions on how to use MFS Products?

You are able to find the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) cards for all our products here. Ready-to-use sauces do not have any SOP as they are ready to apply to your dishes.

I am an existing customer. How do I obtain Halal Certs for the products I am using?

If you are using MFS Products, you can access our Halal Cert Archive here and download the required documents for your reference.


I am a supplier. How can I be a vendor to Mark’s Food Solutions?

Fill up our vendor form here with the necessary details. With the required info, we are able to create an account to ease future transactions.